Matched Betting ?

Matched Betting is a method used to profit from bookmakers' free bets. Learn Matched Betting will teach you how.

You may or may not know, online bookmakers offer free bets to new customers. A free bet as the name suggests, is a free amount to be used as your stake.

Matched betting allows you to use these free bets to make a profit. This is achieved by covering all outcomes, of bets you place. Learn matched betting will show you how to make over £1000, using this legal and established concept.

Matched Betting - Earn a Grand in your Hand

Factoring the time you need to put into matched betting, it is suggested you can make around £22 per hour. In total we estimate you can easily make over £1000, this is based on the offers currently available from bookmakers. We say £1000 as this is a specific, measurable objective that most should achieve if they invest enough time.

Exploit an established concept

Matched betting as a concept is well established and is successfully carried out by many people throughout the UK. The concept has received increased media attention as of late, from credible sources including the Guardian and the Telegraph. Such headlines read “Is this a bet you can't lose?” and “Free bets mean you can clean up as bookies meet their match”.

Our site does not suggest we developed the concept, in fact we learnt it, have been successful at it (learning from our mistakes) and now developed our own content on the subject, as we feel there was a gap for a definitive learning resource.

Easier than you think

We have read numerous articles and listened to different responses from people. There appears to be a large misconception that you have to be some sort of genius or mathematician to understand matched betting. This is nonsense, it is actually a simple concept once you understand the basics. Granted it is quite difficult to explain and there is a steep learning curve, but this is the very reason why we created our site, to educate.


Now, as always, you will no doubt have a degree of doubt and scepticism. We all know too well that if something is too good to be true, then it probably is. However please do read on.

Our site is built and designed specifically to teach you ways to make a profit from introductory offers provided by online bookmakers, with our primary focus on free bets. Everything on this site is completely free to browse. There are no subscription fees, no registration pages. We do not ask for any details, we don't even want to know your name.

What happens if I get stuck ?

We understand matched betting is a hard concept to learn, this is why we have created such comprehensive guides. However if at any point you feel lost and need more help, please contact us.


How to get started

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